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Professional Voice Over Service

We aim to provide you the best and most complete voice over services for any projects you are working on that need the right voice. Your satisfaction is our guarantee and this is why we have taken great care in crafting our services.

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FAQ about Pro Voice Overs

How does the service work?

The process to receive the voiceovers of your project is very simple:

Step 1: Send us the details of the project, length of the script, number of voiceovers and languages that you need. We will respond to your inquiry within a few minutes with a customized quote and estimated delivery time.

Step 2: Once the project is confirmed, we will record as indicated. Besides the voice over service we also offer audio post-production service (editing files, titling …) and video editing.

Step 3: After the production, you will receive a link to download the audio from this website in the format indicated.

When will I receive my production?

Together with sending the budget we will confirm the estimated delivery time. Our usual tournaround for most projects is same day of placing the order. However, it may vary based on the length of the project, number of voiceover talents and availability of the chosen voices. If you need rush delivery, then please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Do you work with broadcasters in different languages?

Yes of course, we offer voiceover services in over 70 languages. Among the most popular: English (US) English (UK), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese … Contact us for more information and we’ll send you custom demos.

Do you offer translation service?

As an additional service you can also request translation of your script. Tell us the language of the source text and final language. All our translators are native speakers.